Unsolicited Commercial

Complain or report against UCC:

If you think the message or call received is UCC or spam, you can complain or report it to your Telecom Service Provider (TSP).

This won't stop all messages but it may allow TSP to take action.

There is a difference between making a complaint and reporting UCC or spam.

Difference between making a complaint and reporting UCC or spam:

Any complaint made within 3 days from the date of UCC/Spam are considered valid complaints. These complaints are entitled for further investigation and may lead to action against senders. Ex. You receive UCC/Spam on 15/04/2021 so you must complain before 18/04/2021.

But complaints made beyond 3 days are considered Reports. These reports would not lead to action against the sender at first hand but would aid in finding such spammers proactively.

Make a complaint or report about UCC or spam:

When you make a complaint, TSP will ask you for:

  • ● Mode of communication
  • ● Details of sender
  • ● Date and Time of message or call
  • ● Category of commercial communication
  • ● Description of message or call

After you make a complaint or report:

Your TSP will share a complaint ID through which you can track your complaint or report and actions taken against it.

Modes to register complaint or report:

  • ● sending SMS to short code 1909; or
  • ● calling on 1909; or
  • ● Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS); or
  • ● Mobile app developed in this regard either by the Authority or by any other person or entity and approved by the Authority; or
  • ● Web portal with authentication through One Time Password (OTP); or
  • ● Any other means as may be notified by the Authority from time to time

  • When you report UCC or spam, TSP does not register this as a complaint. It is a quick way to give TSPs information about UCC or spam activity so they can identify spam trends and potential compliance issues.

    Code of Practice - Complaint handling:

    Code of practice for Complaint (COP-Complaint) to be developed by TSPs with reference to Schedule -III of TCCCPR, 2018.

    Every TSP is required to comply with the submitted COPs, provided that any provision in Code(s) of Practice shall not have effect to the extent of being inconsistent with the regulations.

    Links of TSPs' websites for COP-Complaint

    Find out who sent you the SMS:

    The Header Information Portal facilitates Customers to know the sender of Commercial and Government awareness communications. This portal may also help other principal entities to check whether any look-alike header is registered by any other entity. Anyone can query a particular header or download the complete list. TSPs can upload the list of alpha-numeric headers assigned to Principal Entities (Business or legal entities).

    Header Information Portal link