Unsolicited Commercial



Portal for 5-Paisa Charge Exemption

This Portal facilitates Government entities to online apply for the exemption from SMS service charges up to 5 paisa for registered headers under Regulation 35 of TCCCPR, 2018. This portal also helps Government entities to know about the renewal dates and other information related to the 5 paisa exemption.


Header Information Portal

The Header Information Portal facilitates Customers to know the sender of Commercial and Government awareness communications. This portal may also help other principal entities to check whether any look-alike header is registered by any other entity. Anyone can query a particular header or download the complete list. TSPs can upload the list of alpha-numeric headers assigned to Principal Entities (Business or legal entities).



Do Not Disturb (DND 3.0)

The new release (built ground up) has the following additional features:

  • An intelligent spam detection engine (for SMS only) to assist the subscriber in reporting
  • Crowdsourcing of data about offending messages and calls to speed up detection of unregistered telemarketers
  • Updates about action taken on complaints within the App
  • Easier interface and set up.

TRAI DND App is available on iOS App Store, with limited features.
TRAI DND App is now also available on UMANG App (Government of India Initiative).

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