Unsolicited Commercial

Customer Preference Registration Facility

Register your preference to manage who can send commerical communication to you.

1. Preference Choices Includes:

  • categories 1) Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards,
    2) Real Estate,
    3) Education,
    4) Health,
    5) Consumer goods and automobiles,
    6) Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
    7) Tourism and Leisure,
    8) Food and Beverages
    of Commercial Communication
  • Mode 1) Voice Call, SMS,
    2) Auto Dialer Call (With Pre-recorded Announcement),
    3) Auto Dialer Call (With Connectivity to live agent),
    4) Robo calls
    (s) of communication
  • Time Band 1) All Time Bands
    2) 00:00 Hrs to 06:00 Hrs,
    3) 06:00 Hrs to 08:00 Hrs,
    4) 08:00 Hrs to 10:00 Hrs,
    5) 10:00 Hrs to 12:00 Hrs,
    6) 14:00 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs,
    7) 18:00 Hrs to 21:00 Hrs,
    8) 21:00 Hrs to 24:00 Hrs
  • Types of Day 1) All Day Type(s)
    2) Monday
    3) Tuesday
    4) Wednesday
    5) Thursday
    6) Friday
    7) Saturday
    8) Sunday
    9) Public Holiday and National Holiday
    (s) of the week including public and national holiday(s)

2. Modes to register, modify or de-register your preference(s) includes

  • ● Sending SMS to short code 1909; or
  • ● Calling on 1909; or
  • ● Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS); or
  • ● Mobile app developed in this regard either by the Authority or by any other person or entity and
  • ● Approved by the Authority; or
  • ● Web portal with authentication though OTP; or
  • ● Any other means as may be prescribed by the Authority from time to time.

Code of Practice for preference and revocation of Consent.

Code of practice for preference and revocation of consent (COP-Preference) to be developed by TSPs with reference to Schedule -II of TCCCPR, 2018.

Every TSP is required to comply with the submitted COPs, provided that any provision in Code(s) of Practice shall not have effect to the extent of being inconsistent with the regulations.

Links of TSPs' websites for COP-Preference

How can you register or modify your preference?

Check modes to register, modify or de-register your preference. For more details visit TSP websites.