Unsolicited Commercial

Measures to be taken to avoid UCC

  • ● Don't tick subscribe boxes when completing online forms
  • ● Don't provide mobile number to potential spamming source
  • ● Register your preference to manage who can send commercial communication to you. Learn more on how to modify preference
  • ● Manage consent given to entities who are sending commercial communication. Learn more on how to revoke consent

1. Think before making your number public:

You may also get irrelevant messages or calls if you make your phone number public. If you don't want to receive such messages, you should write that with the number.

If a sender breaks the UCC or spam rules, you can complain or report

2. Find out who sent you the SMS or made a call on your mobile:

You can enquire about the sending party information by typing the header details. For more information please visit Header Information Portal

3. SMS/Calls you might receive:

  • ● Transactional messages/calls
  • ● Service messages/calls
  • ● Government awareness messages/calls
  • ● Alerts/messages from Telecom Service Provider