Unsolicited Commercial

What is Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) or Spam?

    UCC or Spam is an unwanted message you receive by:

  • ● Message
  • ● Voice call

Conditions for message/call to be termed as 'spam/UCC'

To be UCC or Spam, the message/call must be

  • ● Neither as per the
    consent means any voluntary permission given by the customer to the sender to receive message/call related to specific purpose, product or service
    given by recipient to sender
  • ● nor as per registered
    preference means message/calls related to certain category such as health, Banking, Education, etc.
    (s) of recipient.

What is not spam?

Calls or messages from registered senders are not spam or UCC. Different rules apply to these.

Some organisations can send you messages or calls without permission when such communication is in Public Interest. These include:

  • ● Central Government or
  • ● State Government or
  • ● bodies established under the Constitution

Stop getting spam

To send you commercial messages or calls, the registered sender must

If you get unwanted calls or messages, follow the advice on the Customer Preference Registration Facility.

You may revoke consent given to senders. Learn more on how to revoke consent

You also have options to stop or complain about UCC or Spam.

Know more about Code of Practice for complaint handling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a header?

    Header means an alphanumeric string of maximum eleven characters or numbers assigned to an individual, business or legal entity under these regulations to send commercial communications.

    Header is assigned to an individual, business or legal entity to send commercial communications.

    Typical format and structure of the header with prefixes is as below:

    X denotes TSP (OAP) Ex: A for Airtel, J for Jio, etc.
    Y denotes License Service Area (LSA of OAP) Ex: D for Delhi
    ABCDEF is a header assigned to the Principal Entity

    Ex: VD-KOTAKB [ Vodafone Delhi - Kotak bank]

  • Whether header registration is mandatory for making communication of commercial nature?

    Yes, as per the new regulatory framework, any commercial communication may only take place using registered header(s) assigned to the sender(s) for the purpose of commercial communication.

  • What is an auto dialer call?

    Auto Dialer Call means a call which is initiated automatically by an equipment, in accordance to a stored and/ or programmable instruction(s), to a telephone number(s), already stored or a list auto generated by the software, and once the call has been answered, equipment either plays a recorded message; or connects the call to a live person.

  • What are Robo Calls?

    Robo Calls means any call made to any customer using an artificial or prerecorded voice to interactively deliver a voice message without the involvement of human beings on the calling side for participating in the dialogue.

  • Why should I register my number with the PR (Preference Register)?

    Subscribers can register to avoid Unsolicited Commercial Communication from unknown sends or spammers. Multiple options are available for preference registration, so subscribers may also enjoy promotional messages from various brands or organisations as per their interest and requirements.

  • Why am I talking to a robot?

    If the preferences are set for not to receive robocalls and still the customer receives such calls then the Subscribers can register complaints/report against Sender(s) of Commercial Communication.

  • What is an Unregistered Telemarketer?

    Unregistered Telemarketer (UTM) means any Sender of commercial communication who is not registered for the purpose of telemarketing with the service provider(s).

  • Can I make voice calls or SMS of commercial nature?

    Subscriber, who is making communications using 10 digit numbers, will be considered as UTM and is not allowed to make unsolicited commercial communication. In case, any such subscriber is sending commercial communication, telecom resources of the sender may be put under usage cap; and if the Subscriber continues to send Commercial Communication despite notice given to him, all telecom resources of the sender may also be disconnected;

  • Will I be penalized if I make a call or send a SMS of commercial nature by mistake?

    If any sender is engaged in sending unsolicited commercial communications from 10 digit number and complaint received against it then, service providers are bound to take action against such sender as under: -

      ● for first instance of violation, a warning shall be given

      ● for the second instance of violation, Usage Cap shall continue for a period of six months;

      ● for third and subsequent instances of violations, all telecom resources of the sender shall be disconnected for a period up to two years and access provider shall put the sender under blacklist category and communicate to all other access providers to not to allocate new telecom resources to such sender for up to two years from the date of such communication